The winter is here

Depending on where you live it might be really cold now, as it is for me and my family up north *brrr*.

Then it’s important to dress well with warm and comfortable clothes. For examples some good gloves which I wrote about yeeears ago.

The cats are freezing!

The cat need a house in the winter

Another problem for us here in the cold weather is that our cats are really cold this time of the year 🙁

We first try to take them in for a long period of the day, but that is also a problem. They need to be outside much, it’s part of their nature.

After a bit of research we found out that you can buy a heated cat house. It’s basically a house for cats that’s built to stand outside and it also features electrical heating. What a fantastic thing! This website explains everything much better…

So right now our plan is to buy one of these houses and place them right in front the door. In this way our cats can be outside for long periods during the winter.

What else?

I’m still planning my new year’s resolutions… I really like to have something to achive over the coming year. This year I think it’ll be focus on training and reading books, but as I said, I’m still not finished with it!

Long time no see

Hej guys. I haven’t been blogging for a long time as you surely can see… To be honest I almost forgot about this blog and I’ve also been busy with many other things in my life.

I will try to write some new posts this 2020!

I’ll give you a nice video so long:

New record in benchpress

Hi there!

Today I’m gonna write about my gymsession where I did a new record in bench press. But I will also share with you my new small beer fridge I just bought.

Personal record in bench press

Bench press is fun! (Not my picture). Source:
Bench press is fun! (Not my picture). Source:

I really love to train and the best thing is to bench press IMO. My last record was 95kg but today I crossed the border inte three-figure weights. As you might understand I pressed 100 kilogram! It was only one time but that is what I go for. I’m really happy and my next goal now is 120 kg. I thank this article for maximizing my luck!!

Small beer fridge

As I mentioned in another post I thought about buying a beer refrigerator. Today I finally placed my order! Because I’m a poor student it got to be just a small beer fridge. I couldn’t afford a big one. But I’m happy anyway, really looking forward to the first party with it!

It was this model bought from

Stay positive and love life!

Ok, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But I have been super busy (as always). Anyway, I’m gonna talk about something REALLY important today. That is, LOVE LIFE.

How do you love your life?

This is a huge subject. But one major misunderstanding is that it can be done in a simple handturn. Maybe for some people. But for the majority, NO. You have to WORK to get to love life deep from your heart.

Set up goals for yourself in life. When you achieve this goals you will get a higher self esteem and a higher sense of ”worthiness”.

Don’t waste your time wathcing TV and drinking beer.

Stay positive

A simple way to speed up this process is to try to be positive ALL the time. Even when things feel really bad. Thats when you’re able to grow big. A positive mindset will affect all the people around you and give you new opportunities in life. But don’t fall in the trap of being SUPER positive no matter what. Sometimes you have to acknowledge hard facts and act to make things better.

Some real life examples

Sometimes the terms can get pretty abstract in the ”self help” genre. But some solid advice can be this. As I said set up goals.

  • OK your goal could be walk up to a girl in the daytime and tell her shes pretty. IF you do that you will feel super good about yourself.
  • Then your next goal might be two girls in a day.
  • Or maybe you want to earn money on the internet. First goal is 100$ in one month. When you’ve done that you will theoretically get a little bit higher self esteem.

Hope you get my points.

I will end with a quote from Winston Churchill.

When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.

Beer refrigerator?

Hello there. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately I have not been doing so great on my goals, YET. It’s just the start of january! But I promise I will take care of it. Soon I go for a ski trip for a week but after that!

My thoughts on a beer refrigerator

But I’ve had something other on my mind the last few days. I love beer in every possible way. It’s pretty boring to store the beer in a regular refrigerator, so I have thought about buying a ”pure” beer refrigerator. I have read some stuff on this site about a beer refrigerator. I really think the idea is super cool, to have a fridge with only beer in it. Awesome!

Just the thing to have a glass door on the beer fridge seems great. Than you can look on your beer and choose without having to open the door. And it is a really designful way to show that you like beer. I mean, just think about when you have a party, and then you have a refrigerator with ONLY beer. Oh I really look forward to when I will get a beer fridge. I will look into some more details and then I will choose my brand.

Which beer fridge to choose?

This is the most difficult question of course. But because I’m a poor student it will be on of the cheaper models. But I don’t want a huge one anyway. It think it’s totally fine with a ”half” fridge for the beer. Hopefully I will update you on this subject later!

Now I must pack some more stuff for the trip, CYA!

Best gloves for cold weather?

So winter is here and it’s getting colder for every day. I will travel to the mountains for some skiing soon. I haven’t been skiing since 2008…! I have to buy some new cold weather clothes. I think that gloves are like one of the most important things in cold weather. So I really wonder now what’s the best gloves for cold weather??

Cold weather gloves

I saw a program a while ago from the north of Sweden. A guy there had some really nice gloves. They were made out of skin from an animal. I don’t know which animal, maybe a seal? But I really think it might be some of the best gloves in a really cold weather.

The problem is that they seem to be quite bulky and big. When you skii you want at least some degree of freedom for your hands. So I will not look for that kind of gloves. But I guess it would be the best gloves if you’re out all day long.

Commercial gloves

I will look for some standard gloves. They don’t have to be SUPER warm because I won’t be out ALL day long. If I know myself right I will skii for 2-3 hours and then go inside and drink some beers 😉

Is this the best gloves for cold weather?
This gloves might be something for me?
img source:

Other important cold weather clothes

Of course I will also buy some warm clothes. Some pants and a nice jacket. But I don’t think that’s so hard to find. I will go for some pretty cheap stuff.

A warm scarf will also be a high priority. Other than that I think I’m good to go. It will be so really fun! To be honest I’m quite scared to injury myself badly. Lika break a leg or something. But I will try to take it pretty safe. It would be a nightmare to end the vaccation with a broken body part :/

First gym session in 2016!

Ok so here’s a new year and new possibilities to become even better!

I have waited som much to hit the gym again. I have unfortunately been sick since 29 december but yesterday I felt OK. And so today I did the first gym session in 2016!

Gym Session 5 jan.

I was really looking forward to this. I took 2 big cup of coffee before I left my house. I love to get high on caffeine. I sometimes buy a PWO but I have realised that coffee works good to!

I decided to do a full body session. Here’s my exercises:


180 pounds 5-5-3-2


225 pounds 6-5-6-4


270 punds 4-3-3-2


It went really god I think. I haven’t lost much strength at all. The benchpress felt really good. The deadlift was super heavy but it was fun. I’m really looking forward to increase the weigths under 2016.

It was quite a short session but I think it’s good to do pretty short ones. Especially when you have been away from the gym for almost two weeks. My plan is to increase the time in the gym in the future. Also to increase the weights.

I will change things up soon and do a 2-split. This means that I will train half the muscles each session. This way I can do four sessions a week and still train every muscle group two times a week. I think this is the best way. I don’t understand people how do 4 or 5-split. Sure, they get a real good training on the specific muscles eash pass, but they don’t get to train all muscles that often. But of course it’s much of a personal preference.

I also think about starting som cardio training. Just go out in the forest and run for about 40-50 minutes. I really HATE to run but it’s really good for your overall health. And also I think it’s good for burning fat. I plan a diet until summer but I will probably start it around march.

Next session will be something like this: