First gym session in 2016!

Ok so here’s a new year and new possibilities to become even better!

I have waited som much to hit the gym again. I have unfortunately been sick since 29 december but yesterday I felt OK. And so today I did the first gym session in 2016!

Gym Session 5 jan.

I was really looking forward to this. I took 2 big cup of coffee before I left my house. I love to get high on caffeine. I sometimes buy a PWO but I have realised that coffee works good to!

I decided to do a full body session. Here’s my exercises:


180 pounds 5-5-3-2


225 pounds 6-5-6-4


270 punds 4-3-3-2


It went really god I think. I haven’t lost much strength at all. The benchpress felt really good. The deadlift was super heavy but it was fun. I’m really looking forward to increase the weigths under 2016.

It was quite a short session but I think it’s good to do pretty short ones. Especially when you have been away from the gym for almost two weeks. My plan is to increase the time in the gym in the future. Also to increase the weights.

I will change things up soon and do a 2-split. This means that I will train half the muscles each session. This way I can do four sessions a week and still train every muscle group two times a week. I think this is the best way. I don’t understand people how do 4 or 5-split. Sure, they get a real good training on the specific muscles eash pass, but they don’t get to train all muscles that often. But of course it’s much of a personal preference.

I also think about starting som cardio training. Just go out in the forest and run for about 40-50 minutes. I really HATE to run but it’s really good for your overall health. And also I think it’s good for burning fat. I plan a diet until summer but I will probably start it around march.

Next session will be something like this: