New record in benchpress

Hi there!

Today I’m gonna write about my gymsession where I did a new record in bench press. But I will also share with you my new small beer fridge I just bought.

Personal record in bench press

Bench press is fun! (Not my picture). Source:
Bench press is fun! (Not my picture). Source:

I really love to train and the best thing is to bench press IMO. My last record was 95kg but today I crossed the border inte three-figure weights. As you might understand I pressed 100 kilogram! It was only one time but that is what I go for. I’m really happy and my next goal now is 120 kg. I thank this article for maximizing my luck!!

Small beer fridge

As I mentioned in another post I thought about buying a beer refrigerator. Today I finally placed my order! Because I’m a poor student it got to be just a small beer fridge. I couldn’t afford a big one. But I’m happy anyway, really looking forward to the first party with it!

It was this model bought from