Beer refrigerator?

Hello there. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Unfortunately I have not been doing so great on my goals, YET. It’s just the start of january! But I promise I will take care of it. Soon I go for a ski trip for a week but after that!

My thoughts on a beer refrigerator

But I’ve had something other on my mind the last few days. I love beer in every possible way. It’s pretty boring to store the beer in a regular refrigerator, so I have thought about buying a ”pure” beer refrigerator. I have read some stuff on this site about a beer refrigerator. I really think the idea is super cool, to have a fridge with only beer in it. Awesome!

Just the thing to have a glass door on the beer fridge seems great. Than you can look on your beer and choose without having to open the door. And it is a really designful way to show that you like beer. I mean, just think about when you have a party, and then you have a refrigerator with ONLY beer. Oh I really look forward to when I will get a beer fridge. I will look into some more details and then I will choose my brand.

Which beer fridge to choose?

This is the most difficult question of course. But because I’m a poor student it will be on of the cheaper models. But I don’t want a huge one anyway. It think it’s totally fine with a ”half” fridge for the beer. Hopefully I will update you on this subject later!

Now I must pack some more stuff for the trip, CYA!