Best gloves for cold weather?

So winter is here and it’s getting colder for every day. I will travel to the mountains for some skiing soon. I haven’t been skiing since 2008…! I have to buy some new cold weather clothes. I think that gloves are like one of the most important things in cold weather. So I really wonder now what’s the best gloves for cold weather??

Cold weather gloves

I saw a program a while ago from the north of Sweden. A guy there had some really nice gloves. They were made out of skin from an animal. I don’t know which animal, maybe a seal? But I really think it might be some of the best gloves in a really cold weather.

The problem is that they seem to be quite bulky and big. When you skii you want at least some degree of freedom for your hands. So I will not look for that kind of gloves. But I guess it would be the best gloves if you’re out all day long.

Commercial gloves

I will look for some standard gloves. They don’t have to be SUPER warm because I won’t be out ALL day long. If I know myself right I will skii for 2-3 hours and then go inside and drink some beers 😉

Is this the best gloves for cold weather?
This gloves might be something for me?
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Other important cold weather clothes

Of course I will also buy some warm clothes. Some pants and a nice jacket. But I don’t think that’s so hard to find. I will go for some pretty cheap stuff.

A warm scarf will also be a high priority. Other than that I think I’m good to go. It will be so really fun! To be honest I’m quite scared to injury myself badly. Lika break a leg or something. But I will try to take it pretty safe. It would be a nightmare to end the vaccation with a broken body part :/