The winter is here

Depending on where you live it might be really cold now, as it is for me and my family up north *brrr*.

Then it’s important to dress well with warm and comfortable clothes. For examples some good gloves which I wrote about yeeears ago.

The cats are freezing!

The cat need a house in the winter

Another problem for us here in the cold weather is that our cats are really cold this time of the year 🙁

We first try to take them in for a long period of the day, but that is also a problem. They need to be outside much, it’s part of their nature.

After a bit of research we found out that you can buy a heated cat house. It’s basically a house for cats that’s built to stand outside and it also features electrical heating. What a fantastic thing! This website explains everything much better…

So right now our plan is to buy one of these houses and place them right in front the door. In this way our cats can be outside for long periods during the winter.

What else?

I’m still planning my new year’s resolutions… I really like to have something to achive over the coming year. This year I think it’ll be focus on training and reading books, but as I said, I’m still not finished with it!